#1 On Your Spring Cleaning List

After such a long winter, we are all excited to see the temperatures rise and the warm sun peak through our windows.  Although spring cleaning is usually a dreaded task, anything with the word “spring” sounds enticing at this point!  When it comes to your spring-cleaning checklist, what have you planned as your number-one chore to tackle?

Few routine chores pay off better in comfort and in dollars saved than a simple air-conditioning unit cleaning. Not only will preventive maintenance help your unit last longer, it will also run more smoothly and more efficiently.


Why Should I Get My Air-Conditioning Unit Serviced?

Because air-conditioners are becoming more complex units, maintenance can get confusing; and without an annual visit from your HVAC expert, your unit can lose 5% or more of its original efficiency each year. That means that if you own a 12 SEER unit now, next year it will be functioning like a 9 SEER unit if it is neglected. The cost of servicing your unit annually will be recovered quickly due to the savings you will experience through your electric bill and emergency repair costs.


Who Do I Call?

When searching for an HVAC expert to trust with your unit and pricing, it is important to find one with experience. AERCO has over 50 years of combined experience in the HVAC world and provides customers with the highest quality products and services. Finding someone you can trust is extremely important when it comes to your personal health and financial well-being. AERCO’s technicians know exactly what to look for and can be accessed via phone or personal visit. Visit AERCO today and schedule your air-conditioning service.


What Do They Look For?

During a service call from AERCO, we will check anything and everything that could potentially hurt your unit in the long run. Checking air ducts, coils, and other main components of your central unit is crucial to preventing future problems. Because your air-conditioner has been in the cold for almost four months, tubing, blades, filters, and seals may have been damaged without your knowledge.   Also, no matter how clean your home is dust will always find a way to get into the supply air vents and cold air returns. Benefits that you receive from servicing your unit with AERCO are long-term and save you from experiencing health issues and high cost repairs.

Call AERCO today to help you check off your first spring cleaning “to-do” and save you money and time. Your HVAC experts are dedicated to providing you with cost-effective ways to stay cool this summer! CONTACT US

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