Despite the cool spring we’ve had in Indiana, summer is pretty much here.  Have you been ignoring the messages your air conditioning unit has been sending you?

When the 90 degree temperatures hit, will you be ready?  Or will you spend your days at the library, hanging out in the air conditioning?  Will you find an accommodating friend with a pool?  Linger in front of the open refrigerator?

Don’t ignore the signals your air conditioner sends you!

8 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC Unit:

  1. Old—10 years is a good time to evaluate replacing your AC unit.
  2. Inefficient—you can spend more on bills with an older, inefficient system. A newer, more efficient system pays for itself with maximum efficiency and lower energy bills.
  3. Costly repairs—sometimes the cost of repairs could pay for a whole new system! According to most experts, 50% percent of the cost of a new product is the most you should spend on repairs.
  4. Inconsistent cooling—some rooms, like your basement, will naturally be cooler, and some rooms like a west-facing room will be warmer. But if you find major differences in temperature throughout the house, you may need to evaluate your cooling system.
  5. Noise—extra loud AC units have other problems going on. A new, well maintained unit will run quietly.
  6. Use—if you have more people in your house or the way you use your system has changed, a new system may be more efficient.
  7. Excessive dust—a new system can help improve air quality.
  8. Mold—better humidity control improves mold problems. (You may also want to consider a whole-house, UV light, or air purification system.)

As the heat and humidity promises to increase in the coming months, don’t be caught with your head out the window panting like a dog.  Stay cool.  Solve the problem before it gets worse.

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