How Digital Thermostats Save You Money


Digital thermostats are a great way to save on home energy costs. According to the Energy Information Administration, about 42% of home energy costs go to heating and cooling. A lot of these costs come from heating and cooling empty or unused spaces. When we use non-digital thermostats, it is easy to forget to adjust the temperature properly, costing us a large amount of money in the long run.


Digital Thermostat Benefits

Normal thermostats contain a large amount of moving parts. These parts are easily broken when bumped into and require a technician to recalibrate the thermostat. Then you incur not only the cost of the repair, but replacement parts. With digital thermostats, there are no moving parts.  They also have easy-to-read screens that help you adjust the temperatures easily, saving you time and money.

Digital thermostats do not contain any mercury and keeps you and your family safe by eliminating the risk of accidental spills or poisoning. Mercury has been a rising issue in the environment over the last few years, with an estimated six to eight tons of it showing up in landfills each year according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  With health costs already at a national high, it is important to keep your loved ones out of harm’s way as much as possible.

Energy Star estimates that digital thermostats save up to two hundred dollars each year on energy bills. This is because the levels of precision and accuracy are incredible in digital thermostats. The thermostat knows exactly when to turn your air conditioning or heating units off and on in order to be the most energy efficient.  No energy- or money- is wasted.


AERCO is for YOU 

If you believe a digital thermostat will benefit you and your family by saving you time and money while keeping everyone safe, feel free to contact your HVAC experts  at AERCO. We are a family-owned and operated business that understands the everyday person’s lifestyle. We offer the highest quality thermostats and HVAC equipment. With AERCO, you receive quality work and the peace of mind that comes by putting your trust in a reputable company.

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