How to Select the Best Air Conditioning Service Company

Finding someone you can trust is on everyone’s wish list when it comes to air conditioning service companies. While it may be hard to find one, it is even harder to realize when you might need to find a new one.  If you aren’t aware of the average costs that are associated with AC repairs, you might be getting scammed. Here are just a few examples of the average costs that are associated with simple repairs:

  • Low Refrigerant: $60-$90
  • Fan Motor Replacement: $450-$600
  • Compressor Failure Repair: $1500-$2800

Not only could your current HVAC service technician be over-charging you, you could be set up for a repair horror story.  For example, one homeowner hired a well-known air conditioner service company to clean his unit that wasn’t working properly and was still under warranty. The repair man only sprayed down the unit with a lawn hose and explained to the homeowner that this was their new policy. Not only did they not fix the unit that was under warranty, he refused to clean the coils and interior.  Uninformed homeowners are susceptible to outright scams like this or just low-quality work.

So how do you avoid these untrustworthy companies? Here are the top four characteristics that you should look for in an air conditioning service company:

  • Well-Trained– Choosing a company that has professionally trained service technicians is crucial. A staff that is trained properly and regularly will stay up-to-date on new products and procedures, so you can avoid maintenance nightmares due to incompetency.
  • Reputable– One of the most important measures of a strong service company is their customer reviews . A reputable company will have great reviews within their community. In order to know that you can trust them, look to see if they are trusted consistently with others.
  • Experienced– Almost more important than having trained technicians is having experienced ones. The more experienced technicians are, the better they problem solve and create high-quality solutions that will last.
  • Guaranteed– Any company that guarantees their work will make high-quality choices for the long-term.  This is the best choice for them as well as the customer, since the better the work, the less the total cost for the company.  These companies also value customer experience and rely on good reviews and satisfied customers.

A company with these characteristics will be most likely to offer great service, high-quality appliances, and honest recommendations.



AERCO has over 50 years of combined experience with an impeccable reputation among current and former customers that will help you keep peace of mind when calling one of our professionally trained service technicians. Contact us today for any questions on installation, repairs or a free estimate.


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