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Meet 4th generation Anderson resident and loyal AERCO customer, Rob Spaulding.  We asked Rob a few questions about living in Central Indiana, his experience with AERCO, and the organization he helps to lead, The Christian Center.


How long have you lived in this area?

I am a 4th generation resident of Anderson, where I have lived my entire life.


What do you like about this community?

This is where I grew up.  It has a small town feel while also being near a major metropolitan area.  There are a lot of honest people here.  There are also lots of great cultural opportunities, like the Fine Arts Center and the Paramount Theatre.


What is your favorite local icon?

I love the Lemon Drop and The Toast.  I loved the WigWam; lots of great memories there growing up.


What work has AERCO done for you and the organizations with which you are affiliated?

They have done everything from removal of old units to installing new units, emergency repairs, and maintenance.  We used AERCO years ago and since then they have been the only ones we call.  I have used them for my personal home, for The Christian Center, and at other organizations where I have served.


Is there any way that AERCO stood out?

They are honest and trustworthy.  I never feel that I am being sold something. Rather, I feel they are always trying to help me find a solution to the problem.  They are always above-board and straightforward.  I would not hire anyone but AERCO.


Tell me about the mission of The Christian Center.  

The Christian Center is a men’s homeless shelter that can house up to 70 men each night.  We also have a community kitchen that serves anyone and provided 85,000 meals in 2014.  While the shelter is designated housing for men, the kitchen turns no one away. It offers three meals a day Monday through Saturday and two meals on Sunday. There is also a resource center providing free life necessities like hygiene product and clothing. The Christian Center also runs a resale shop, The Red Door Vintage & Thrift.

You can learn more about the Christian Center’s services or how to get involved at TheChristianCenter.org or The Christian Center on Facebook.

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