What You Need To Know About Anderson, Indiana

Anderson, Indiana, initially started as a small Delaware Indian village. However, the charming and historical town is now largely identified as the county seat of Madison County, Indiana. The discovery of natural gas in the year, 1887, can be regarded as the force that helped pave the way for industrial growth in Anderson, Indiana. Although Anderson, Indiana, is currently primarily known as a manufacturing city, it does offer a fine selection of leisure and art attractions.

Anderson, Indiana has a close proximity to the Indianapolis metro area and the local venues. It also helps that the homes in the area don´t cost as much as the homes in the other areas. Therefore, Anderson can be considered an ideal choice for residence for individuals.

So, what are some of the things you can do in Anderson, Indiana?

  • Visit art attractions

We would highly recommend you to pay a visit to The Anderson Center for the Arts in Anderson, Indiana. The center offers exhibits, classes, and even hosts special events. While there, we are certain that you’ll ogle at the center’s impressive collection of art pieces. The architecture of the center is also quite a marvel to look at; the building is designed in the Greco Roman style and has massive stone lion heads either side of the entrance.

  • Love race cars?

If you love race cars and racing in general, you should definitely go to Anderson Speedway. The speedway hosts the Pay Less Little 500 Sprint Car Race and the Redbud 300 Late Models race; you can also witness the speedway playing host to Saturday night auto racing.  However, if you don´t like automobiles and would rather prefer watching horses race, you can visit Hoosier Park.

  • Grab something to eat in one of the best restaurants in Anderson

If you are craving for the rich flavors of the Mediterranean in Anderson, Indiana, you should definitely book a table at The Nile. The restaurant offers a wonderful mix of Egyptian, Lebanese, and Greek cuisine. For dessert, we would advise you to visit Good´s Candy Shop. The family-owned business is famous for its homemade ice creams and candies. If you want to visit a fast-food joint, we would recommend you to visit Tommy J´s Pizza. It wouldn´t be far-fetched to state that the restaurant serves the best pizzas in all of Anderson. We would also suggest you to try the mom-and-pop diners and the local drive-ins in the area; you can bet your bottom dollar that they will not disappoint your taste buds.

  • Anderson festivals

Anderson, Indiana, does have its fair share of local festivals that are quite fun and interesting. Some of the local festivals you must attend include the Dan Patch Race, the Festival of Trees, Winter Fest, Brew Fest, and the annual Fourth of July Parade.

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